2020-2021 Awards

February 2021 Awards for Students

Taiga Galli Memorial Award – $3000

Lulia Tela

Leaving her home in Eritrea at the age of six, Lulia, her sister and mother walked barefoot through Sudan to Egypt to Israel.  Her mother, tragically, didn’t complete the journey.  Lulia escaped her loneliness in Israel by focusing on her studies and learning three languages.  Reuniting with her father in Canada, she now sees herself as an important piece of a multicultural fabric.  She values her opportunities to be with her loving family and get an education.

TCF Refugee Award – $3000

Ngun Tin Hnem

Growing up during the aftermath of political uprisings in Burma, Ngun saw how hard work and honesty was valued in her family but not in her country.  She was denied an education and had to spend her childhood helping her grandfather in the fields.  Fleeing Burma to Malaysia and eventually Canada, her family’s journey took 4 years.  After a few challenging years adjusting to Canadian life, Ngun now excels and joins school clubs and volunteering opportunities.

Nicholas Collins Founders Refugee Award – $3000

Rama Altaleb

Being a top student in Damascus, Syria, couldn’t save Rama from the destruction of war.  With no formal schooling while at a refugee camp, her parents continued to educate her in not only academic skills but also building relationships, standing up for human rights and effectively resolving problems.  With hard work, she’s now back at the top of her class, sharing her experiences to help others.

Maria Karaji

Born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, Maria knows too well the horrors of civil war, witnessing the bombing and destruction of her school.  A year after that day, with her parents and younger brother, Maria began her long journey to Lebanon and eventually Canada.  She studies, works and volunteers to help those who have similar stories.

David Lam/BC TEAL English Language Learner Scholarship – $3000

Yeonsoo Joo

Born in Korea, Yeonsoo came to Canada in 2010 along with her parents and older sister.  She had to quickly adjust to a new educational system, valuing collaboration and creativity over intense academic pressures.  She wants to continue studying to be a doctor where she can merge her strong academic skills and her developing interpersonal ones.

November 2020 Awards for Educators

TCF Health Education Awards – $4000

Sylvia Helmer

Sylvia Helmer’s exciting project is part of an ongoing effort to enhance the capacity of the developers and creators of informative presentations to support the needs of EAL seniors. By doing so, she hopes to reduce their loneliness and isolation.

Project Funding Award – $5000

BC TEAL Conference Committee

BC TEAL continues to be a major influence in EAL instruction.  This grant was to allow them to host another virtual conference including multiple presenters and plenary speakers.

Project Funding Award – $2500

Beth Maschmann

Beth Maschmann’s project is rooted in advocacy and awareness building as well as collaborative and community-building practices. This project is to better understand the experiences of our international/migrant student worker population in consideration of need and accessibility to workers’ rights resources and workshops.

Settlement Language Resource Award – $3000

Calla Zhang

The TCF helped Calla Zhang with this award to create, through her work with Mosaic, 20 H5P listening toolkits on common settlement topics for LINC 1-4 (5 tasks with accompanying skill-building activities and paper-based portfolio tools per level x 4 levels = 20 skill-using tasks in total).

You can find the link to these materials on this page: https://tealcharitablefoundation.ca/tcf-funded-teaching-and-learning-materials/