Awards Chair

Terms of Reference

The TCF Awards Chair is responsible for working with all members of the TCF board and chairing the Awards committee which is responsible for administrating the TCF awards.

The Chair of the Awards Committee is responsible for the following:

Awards Committee Meetings
  1. Setting up committee meetings as required, chairing the meetings, keeping minutes and posting the minutes on SYNC.
  2. Providing and presenting a report at each TCF board meeting and preparing an annual report for the TCF AGM listing the results for the seven TCF Awards for Educators and the five TCF Awards for the Students.
Awards Publicity and Selection
  1. The Awards Chair in consultation with the Communications Chair develops a master plan for publicizing the TCF awards each year. The schedule for publicizing the seven TCF Awards for Educators and the five TCF Awards for the Students focuses on the eight weeks that proceed application deadlines on November 1st and January 31st. The Communications Chair coordinates the publicity on social media utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Emails publicizing the awards are also sent to all BC TEAL members, all the BC TEAL Supporting Institutional members as well as LINC and Settlement Language Program across British Columbia.
  • Once application deadlines have passed, the chair and committee are responsible for ensuring that the office staff assembles all the complete applications into separate folders representing each award category. Once the folders are done the TCF board meets, considers all the applications and selects a first and second winner in each category. The chair is responsible for submitting the results of the award selection to the office staff for the TCF records and submitting the award selection to the TCF SYNC account.  And finally, a list of the award winners is compiled and posted on the TCF website.
  • the selections are made by the TCF board and within six weeks of the application deadline, the chair notifies each award winners by email and reaffirms the award requirements.
  • The Awards Chair, the Finance Chair and TCF accountant work together to keep records of all award payments, issue tax receipts as required by the CRA and arrange for payment to the award winners once requirements have been met.
  • In the years that there is a face-to-face BC TEAL Conference, the chair and committee is responsible for setting up an TCF Awards Ceremony at the conference. This requires notifying all award recipients, hiring a photographer to record the event and preparing a program for the ceremony.

Submitted by Jennifer Pearson Terell

July 3, 2022