Fundraising Chair

Terms of Reference

Working with other members of the TCF board, the Chair of the Fundraising Committee is responsible for the following:

Fundraising Committee Meetings
  1. Call, chair, and keep minutes for regular monthly meetings; hold more frequent meetings as required during lead-up to fundraising events and activities
  2. Forward minutes to committee members; post on Sync for records
  3. Provide a report to each scheduled Board meeting
Fundraising Events and Activities
  1. After discussion with the Fundraising Committee, recommend to the TCF Board an annual schedule of fundraising events and activities appropriate to the specific year. Board decisions should be made either at the end of the previous year, or in January/February of the current year to allow adequate preparation time (See Annual Fundraising Timeline)
  2. Record each year’s schedule on the Annual Fundraising Timeline according to TCF Board decisions; revise Timeline to recommend most effective schedule for future
  3. Work with the Fundraising Committee and others to plan all personnel (including outside parties) resources, facilities, logistics, etc. for events and activities (See Annual Fundraising Timeline for requirements for specific events/activities)
  4. Engage all TCF Board members in tasks required to hold events/activities successfully with the goal of sharing responsibilities equitably
  5. Work with the TCF Treasurer to manage financial aspects of events and activities
  6. Work with the office staff to manage required services according to deadlines
  7. Report to the TCF Board regularly during event /activity lead-up and follow-up
  8. Collaborate with outside entities required to hold events/ activities (See Annual Fundraising Timeline for details)

Compiled by Virginia Christopher

June 20, 2022