Director of Communications

Terms of Reference

Working with other members of the TCF board, the Director of Communications is responsible for the following:

Social Media
  1. Making sure that the Facebook page is up to date, which may include the creation of content in a format that works well on that platform.
  2. Making sure the Instagram profile is up to date, which may include the creation of slides in Instagram format
  3. Staying on top of new social media trends and making sure that TCF stays current on whatever platforms suit the TCF’s needs.
  4. Awareness of BC TEAL formatting requirements and knowledge of (or willingness to learn) how to implement them.
  1. Liaising with the Fundraising Chair and the Awards Chair to make sure that the content of the website is up to date and accurate.
  2. Liaising with the chair of the BC TEAL Website Committee as needed.
  3. Knowledge of (or willingness to learn) WordPress is essential.
Communication with BC TEAL and other stakeholders
  1. Acting as a go-between when doing so will streamline communication between members of the TCF Board and the BC TEAL Board and Administrator(s).
  2. Coordinating any outgoing communication from the TCF Board so that TCF Board members do not overlap with one another (and overwhelm stakeholders).

Compiled by Laura Blumenthal

June 12, 2022