Settlement Language Resource Award

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Settlement Language Resource Award is November 1st of each year. The successful applicant will be notified within six weeks of the application deadline.


Settlement Language Resource Award and legacy fund was established in 2016 by the Language Instruction Support and Training Network (LISTN), formerly ELSA Net (2003-2016). The award amount is up to $3,000 and must be used to fund the creation of settlement language resources and/or training materials. Preference will be given to practical resources that are CLB aligned, incorporate relevant practices such as PBLA and task-based learning and have BC specific applications. All materials should be downloadable and made available through BC TEAL and Tutela websites.

Within 18 months of receiving the award, recipients are expected to meet these expectations for project sharing:

  1. Post resources on the Tutela website (with recognition given to the LISTN Legacy Fund)
  2. Give a presentation at a BC TEAL Conference or other training event including regional conference options and/or
  3. Submit an article for the BC TEAL Newsletter

The award does not fund:

  1. Individual scholarships, fellowships or bursaries
  2. Research projects or special projects that will generate a profit


Applicants are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. The value of the project’s contribution to the settlement language community and members of BC TEAL with consideration to the integration of newcomers to BC
  2. Preference will be given to applicants who are involved in settlement language programs
  3. Preference will also be given to organization or institution endorsed projects. (i.e. Letter of support from an organization or institution confirming a need for this resource as well as a reference endorsing the principle applicant.)
  4. NOTE: The recipient of this award is selected by the LINC Committee (BC TEAL Board).

Application Requirements

Applicants are required to submit:

  1. A completed application form by November 1st
  2. A description of the proposed project with the following information: a. A detailed timeline specifying anticipated start and completion dates, and the stages of the plan
    b. A clear statement of the expected outcome(s) or product(s) with a focus on the inclusion of relevant settlement language pedagogical practices and an outline of benefits related to the integration of newcomers to BC
    c. An evaluation process that specifies criteria and the mechanisms being incorporated
  3. A statement of the funding amount requested for the project with a breakdown of key cost items
  4. A list of funding from other sources, if applicable
  5. A description of how the results of the project will be shared with the members of BC TEAL

Disbursement of Funds

Funds will be disbursed as follows:

  1. The recipient will receive 25% of funds with grant approval, 25% on approval of project draft and the remainder on meeting all conditions of the award. A letter of acceptance with these terms signed off on by the award recipient will be required.
  2. To release the second payment, a finalized draft must be submitted for review. If changes are recommended, the award recipient will be required to make revisions or submit rationale for anything that is not incorporated. A final draft of the resource must be approved by the project committee before proceeding. The project committee retains the right to terminate a project if they feel the product does not meet required standards (i.e. well-organized, meets clear outcomes, incorporates accepted and proven methodology for the settlement classroom)
  3. Meeting all criteria including project sharing and/or presenting will trigger the final payment.
  4. The project must be completed and funds disbursed within 18 months of acceptance.

Application Submission

Applications for the Settlement Language Resource Award must be submitted by November 1st.

Completed online applications will be submitted directly to the TCF at BC TEAL.  If, however, you were unable to upload or copy and paste any required document(s) into this form, please email the document(s) to On your email with the documents, include your name and the line, ‘Settlement Language Resource Award Application documentation.’

The TEAL Charitalbe Foundation is committed to accessibility. If you are unable to complete the online application, please contact for help.