Member at Large

Terms of Reference

Working with other members of the TCF board, the Member at large is responsible for the following:

General Duties:
  1. Advocates the mission and guidelines of the Foundation.
  2. Contributes to the decision-making process
  3. Maintains confidentiality of Board’s deliberations.
  4. Upholds and supports collective board decisions.
  5. Can be an “outside director,” i.e., not from within the profession; hence, may represent the community
  6. Has the same rights and obligations as other members of the board
Internal Duties:
  1. Supports various committees and task forces as assigned (Fundraising Committee, Financial Committee, etc.}.
  2. Facilitates special projects as the need arises (Tears to Smiles, Raffle for Refugees, etc.).
  3. May not have designated, specific duties but supports other chairs and committee members.
  4. Attends, prepares for, and actively participates in all board meetings.

Compiled by Azza Sedky

June 30, 2022